Dr Rogo Natural Nose Clip


The Dr Rogo Natural Nose Clip can help you avoid plastic surgery. Great for nose uplifting, shaping and bridge straightening. Shape your nose just the way you like it.

  • The Dr Rogo Nose clip is the secret plastic surgeons don’t want you to know. This is an all-natural method that’s been used in past centuries in place of plastic surgery.
  • What it can do? Make large nose smaller, flat nose pointier, long nose shorter, wide nose slimmer, bulbous nose sharper and crooked or asymmetrical noses aligned. It can also be used for a droopy nose, by lifting the tip up and straightening humps or bumps along the nasal bridge.
  • How does it work? The nasal cartilages are what provides structure and support to the nose. They are primarily composed of hyaline cartilage, which is densely packed with collagen, a structural protein that is mostly made out of water therefore making it easy to be shaped and manipulated. Please note this product is only for the actual shape/size of the nose however as for the shape of the bone of your nose, this product won’t work since the bone is not shape-able.
  • How to use it? Need to be worn on the part that you want shaping for approximately 15-30 minutes a day. ¬†You will start seeing results within a few days but for permanent results, it should be worn for at least a month.
  • You can’t go wrong. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

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